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Prior to Class:

If you are attending a hot yoga class, the number one thing to remember is drink lots of water.  It isn’t a bad idea to eat a little something. Hot yoga classes can get intense, so we want to make sure that you are prepared.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class.  The doors will lock immediately upon class start time, so if you are late, you will not be allowed into the class to protect our practitioner's time and energy. 



What to wear:  

Wear something that you will be comfortable in.  For example, yoga pants and a tank or t-shirt and shorts, etc.  Our hot classes get very hot, so please dress appropriately.



What to bring:

We want you to travel light, but if there are a few items that you might want to consider bringing:

  • Mat.  Some people are particular about their yoga mats, so if you have a yoga mat, great!  If not, we have Manduka studio mats for you to use, as well as Manduka mats for you to purchase.  Not sure on what mat to buy, ask our instructors. We have about tried them all!

  • Water Bottle.  We have a water bottle filler, but just make sure to bring a bottle with you.  If you don’t have a water bottle, we do have bottles of water for you to purchase.

  • Hot Yoga Towel.  You will sweat in hot yoga and you want to concentrate on your practice instead of sliding around on your mat.  If you are trying a hot yoga class for the first time, don’t purchase a yoga towel. Come and use our Studio towels.  If you fall in love with Hot Yoga, then we can set you up with the right towel for your needs.

  • You.  The most important thing is to bring you!  Leave all of your cares and worries at the door.  This is the safest space created just for you, so come light and leave lighter!



What we do in class:  

Every class is a little different, but they all start out the same.  You will enter the building through the front entrance and check-in at the front desk.  If it is your first time, we will have some paperwork for you to sign, so try to arrive at least a few minutes prior to class.  An instructor will be there to help you and answer any questions you might have. We do not allow anyone to be late to class as it disrupts the other practitioners practice, so please be mindful of this.  

All items will remain outside of the studio, unless you need it to practice yoga, including all cell phones, pagers, etc.  You can either grab some studio gear or bring your own, but you grab what you need and find your “spot”. We ask that you keep the studio nice and quiet for all of our practitioners and use this time for you.  Again, we start promptly on time, so that we get everything packed into our class, as well as you can make sure that you can plan your day around yoga and know that you will be on time.

Depending on the class that you picked, each instructor is there to help you.  Whether you are a beginner yogi or a seasoned yogi, we can help guide you through every class.  Please let us know if you need any special accommodations and we would be glad to assist.

We end every class with a quiet Savasana.  If you need to leave, please do so before this time.  During Savasana, you are granted the ability to have a moment to yourself with your breath, your mind, or your soul; Whatever your body needs at this time.  We will alert you when we have reached the end of our class period, but if you need more time, please feel free to give yourself more time to come back to the moment.  Then you are ready to go on with your day hopefully feeling more relaxed, more energized and more in tune with yourself.


Can’t wait to see you on the mat!  


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