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Jes K.

Yoga is not just my form of exercise, it is truly my lifestyle.  From the way that I teach to the way that I treat people, I live a sense of awareness and caring.

I teach from my heart and how I feel that day.  I love to create a sense of community while giving my fellow yogis their time and option for self-awareness and growth.  My love is for kids and how to help them focus and grow in their lives to lead a yogic life or build a practice that can grow with them forever.  I can teach about everything, but my favorites are Kids Yoga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.


I am an entrepreneur with all sorts of ideas from a Hot Pot Cart to a traveling Daquiri and Margarita Truck, but all my life, I have considered myself a rapper.  If you are lucky, you may be able to catch me at the karaoke machine. #JMoneyinDaHouz


I have always been interested in health and fitness, and yoga was just a natural extension of this passion. I really began practicing yoga seriously during my RYT200 training. I studied under Darcy LeFevre and Maureen Mondanaro at Hot House Yoga in Iowa City.


I enjoy teaching and practicing a power yoga style, that pushes your limits. I like to push students to go to their limit and feel both accomplished and relaxed at the end of a 60 min class.


I love that yoga combines both a physical and spiritual element to the practice. Other exercise disciplines focus only on the physical and can sometimes leave you wanting. Yoga satisfies both cravings.

I got married in Las Vegas-but my husband would not let us get married at a drive-thru chapel, or by Elvis. Still salty 'bout that.


As part of a requirement for educator training at the University of Iowa, I was asked to research an area of interest.  I had heard of yoga but had never attended a class and had no knowledge of the practice beyond a few of the poses. I signed up for a local class to begin my study. In the eighteen years since my first class, I have continued to develop my practice by attending classes, reading books, journals and websites and a home practice. For the last seven years I have had the privilege to instruct yoga classes.



I have experience attendiang and/or leading many different styles of yoga classes (hatha, vinyasa, power, Bikram, Iyengar, yin, and restorative). I believe that my style of teaching is influenced by the many different styles and teachers that I have experienced.  As I teach I keep a careful eye for proper body alignment and safety.  Generally my classes are led in a slow, controlled manor that offers the opportunity for a mindful connection to the body.


Having a background in gymnastics and diving, the strong and graceful movements of yoga resonated with me.  However, it was probably the mental relaxation that really drew me to continue the practice.  I clearly remember leaving my first few yoga classes feeling serene in a way I had never known.


My crazy is being carefully contained as I work with my wonderful husband to raise our three children.

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