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Vinyasa Flow

This is a class to get your body and breath moving together. We utilize body movement, in conjunction with music, to create a beautiful workout and breath-based flow.  



Hot Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow plus 104 degree room equals an amazing experience! Our most attended class!

Foundation Flow

Ever wonder if you are doing a pose correctly or what exact cue and pose you should take?  Foundation Flow is a class that takes you back to the basics work directly with you to become the practitioner that you choose to be. With assistance from the instructor, we will give you basic building blocks and cues to find your practice, grow, and play within it. All yoga levels welcome!


Yin Yoga Flow (and Warm Yin Yoga Flow)

Giving your muscle and fascia the time that they need to give you the flexibility it deserves, that is what Yin Yoga is about.  Holding sitting and stretching poses for 3-5 minutes, with a little movement (the “yang” to our “yin”) between, is the flow of this class.

Hot Power Flow

If you want a true workout with some yoga thrown in, this is the class for you. You pick the weights you want and we create the flow to achieve both a heart pumping workout, as well as giving those muscles something to talk back to you about.

Warm Gentle Vinyasa Flow

If you prefer a warm, chaturanga free class that still allows you to receive the benefits of a vinyasa flow, this is the class for you. This class may even include some restorative or yin poses at the end and is perfect for students who are new to yoga or those who prefer a non-strenuous class, as it is performed at a slower pace.

Hot Yoga/Pilates Blend

A class to get your heart rate up and your mind right.  Consider it a cardio and full body workout for you to release some stress and get a workout in...all at once!


Meditation Class

We give you the tools and safe and quiet space to let your mind flow away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.  Focusing on the breath, a guided meditation, or just giving you the tools to heal, we will help support you in this classroom meditation setting.  No movement required!

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